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Test-Tech offers industry leading consultancy to help facilitate innovation and paper development throughout the paper industry worldwide.

Nick Kite

Nick has over thirty years experience on the technical side of the paper and packaging industry. He started his career working in a production environment in a paper mill in Kent, but soon moved into R&D. He worked on product and process projects across a wide range of paper specialities including graphic products, business stationery, release papers, security papers, synthetic substrates and industrial grades. He was in charge of coating and polymer extrusion development projects before becoming the site manager at Butler's Court, the UK R&D centre for Arjowiggins. In 2008 he was appointed Group Technical Services Director, responsible for R&D technical support Europe-wide.

Nick negotiated the outsourcing of key technical services in 2009 when Intertek invested in the paper sector, enabling these specialist resources to be available industry-wide for the first time. Since then the team of technologists has expanded its client base and scope of expertise and capabilities beyond paper and board into plastic substrate and packaging testing.

In 2014 Nick led an MBO from Intertek and established Test-Tech as an independent company.

Richard Saunders
Paper and Print Consultant

Richard Saunders is a paper and digital printing consultant, having worked with major paper suppliers and digital press manufacturers for almost 20 years. Richard has developed many papers for a wide range of digital printing technologies and has organised tests for compatibility tables, benchmarking and problem solving. His expertise in digital printing is enhanced by almost 30 years of experience in the paper industry where he has also developed expertise in microscopy, microencapsulation for carbonless papers and "smart" papers.

Test-Tech print testing and consultancy has access to an unrivalled range of conventional and digital printing systems by working with a large network of printing companies. In addition it has excellent lab facilities with industry standard test equipment to analyse paper performance and help develop materials for specific printing systems. This offer is enhanced still further by our other technical specialists covering most aspects of paper making and material testing and also our preferred partner relationship with the Intertek Group.

Robert Langley
Stock Preparation and Fibre Consultant

Robert worked for a major European paper manufacturer for 32 years as a chemical engineer in papermaking and stock preparation. He then joined Intertek's Amersham lab which, subsequent to a management buy-out, is now Test-Tech.

Before Test-Tech, he was responsible for the technical development of all the paper company's stock preparation plants and fibre selection.

Within Test-Tech, he has been responsible for developing a wide range of customers' products into production and auditing existing customers' paper manufacturing systems for efficiency and CAPEX investment. Test-Tech utilises state-of-the-art test equipment and pilot facilities capable of replicating large-scale production operations.

Ken Holroyd
Head of Process Engineering and Materials Testing

Ken Holroyd joined Arjowiggins in 1989, working in the diagnostic department until 2002, heading up the team from 1997. He achieved chartered engineer status in 1992. Between 2002 and 2009, Ken pursued other engineering and management roles, but returned to direct involvement with manufacturing efficiency firstly with Intertek and now as part of the newly independent Test-Tech team, based in Amersham.

Test-Tech Process Analysis team provides a rapid problem-solving service with online process measurements at its core. Test-Tech has expensive measurement instrumentation, bespoke sensors and wide experience of their use for the customer to buy-in as and when necessary. This can be to solve one-off quality issues, provide data for better-informed capital investments or arbitrate in supplier-client disagreements.

Greg Chojecki
Head of Analysis and Microscopy

Greg obtained his Master of Science degree from Warsaw University in 2000 and specialised in Plasma Chemistry.

He worked as an Analytical Chemist at the Physiology and Nutrition Institute, then moved back to the Warsaw University to do research on application of plasma in production of nanoparticles, which resulted in a publication of a paper in collaboration with Sir Harold Croto. Finding the work in nanoscale not grand enough, he moved to the Technical University of Munich to study synthesis and behaviour of particles in the field of supramolecular chemistry.

In 2006 he joined what was known as Butler's Court, a centre of research for the Arjowiggins group. There, he obtained a detailed knowledge of the chemical side of paper related issues - production, raw materials, contamination etc. After some time he also expanded his capabilities into electron microscopy research related to paper.