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Test-Tech is Moving

On the 5th of October Test-Tech is moving. The good news is that we will be continuing to offer very similar services to our customers from new premises, trading under the Test-Tech name. The main site for our new labs will be in Redditch. As part of the restructuring we will continue to trade as Test-Tech but our registered company details will change; details on request. Richard Saunders, director at Test-Tech says "The process of moving is now well underway. The team are excited about the future and continuing to support our clients during and after the move. We will be contacting our existing clients with our new address and contact details directly but most importantly, our email addresses and mobile phone numbers will be unchanged."

Test-Tech invest in New Tissue Tests

In response to growing demand from retailers and distributors for a full suite of tests to allow benchmarking and auditing of a broad range of tissue products, Test-Tech has recently expanded its portfolio of tests for tissue products to include water absorption capacity, absorption time and sheet dispersion testing. These tests comply with International standards ISO 12625 (basket immersion test) and NF Q34-020 (hygiene papers) respectively.

The full range of specific physical tests now includes:

Tests comply with all parts of ISO 12625 - Testing standards for tissue products

In addition Test-Tech offer a range of chemical analysis and microscopy services for full characterisation of the tissue materials.

Fibre Viscosity Analyser

The latest acquisition at Test-Tech Amersham is a fully automatic Fibre Viscosity Analyser. This analyser enables the determination of fibre viscosity according to the International Standard procedure TAPPI T230 om8.

The process involves the dissolving of the fibre in Cupriethylenediamine solution then measurement of viscosity under exacting temperature conditions. The equipment provides rapid and precise analysis in support of paper production or research projects.

The unit has the capability of handling a wide range of fibre types and qualities.

Many customers have already taken advantage of this unit's capability, especially in the manufacturing sector dealing with annual fibre, cotton, characterising cotton raw materials quality potential and conversion requirements. If you would like further information please enquire at:-