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Performance and Property Testing

Specialising in physical and printing testing, Test-Tech's fully independent testing and consultancy services are available to manufacturers and suppliers in every part of the paper production chain from paper producers, coaters, convertors, merchants, raw material suppliers to printers and other end users.

Offering a comprehensive range of physical tests suitable for assessing papers and other substrates from lightweight to board grammages, Test-Tech's extensive lab-sbased printing has a proven track record in resolving customer complaints, identifying production issues, helping develop new products and in-depth benchmarking.

Paper and synthetic substrate testing capabilities:

Paper strength properties

Tear, tensile, bending resistance, burst, zero span, fibre strength, internal bond strength (Scott-Bond) method, MIT double fold.

Paper surface properties

Surface friction, dynamic absorption testing (DAT, contact angle test), smoothness, Parker Print Surf (PSS), surface roughness (Bekk and Bendsten), surface and volume resistivity, TABER abrasion, peel strength.

Paper permeability and absorption properties

Air permeance (Bendsten, Gurley, Potts), water absorption via Cobb, Klemm and EMCO techniques, water vapour transmission rate (MVTR).

Paper optical properties

Opacity, whiteness, brightness and colour via Lab co-ordinates, light stability via Xenon chamber.

Paper print properties

  • Print density, gloss, mottle, heliotest, wet and dry pick, ink absorption time via IGT AIC2-5, wax pick
  • Ink dry time via PIRA method, print rub via Wallace method. Kheops mottle quantification
  • ISIT apparatus to determine ink tack development and setting time
  • Comprehensive ink jet and thermal paper print testing is available
  • All to relevant ASTM, BS, EN, ISO, TAPPI standards

paper and print permanence testing